From the DM’s Chair, Session 22: Fabletithe.


Time is a strange concept. It’s a marker of progression, a reminder of what has come before and an ultimately unknowable force constantly driving change forwards. In the realms of science, humans have been trying to understand the span of eternity, naming historical periods and attempting to pin down and explain time by marking it with a more human-made concept: calendars. Obviously, this is a big subject to broach in a simple blog about Dungeons and Dragons, but time is a deeply routed facet of D&D. As the DM, the eternal progression of events is now within your control. As the DM, you are responsible for time within the campaign, especially with regards to the pace of the story. You decide which events can be brushed over in a transition and even stop progression entirely to focus upon dramatic moments. Control of the progression of time within the context of…

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