Answering Big Questions #012: How Can Video Games Be Healthy?


Another Big Question asked, another Big Answer given. Number twelve in this ongoing series, this month’s Big Gaming Question #012 from The Well-Red Mage seeks to cut past the oft-quoted misconceptions about gamers and their unhealthy video game ways to the more benevolent side of games:

How Can Video Games be Healthy?

In particular, our mage friend wants to specifically know how games are healthy for each of us individually.

Related imageNow, it’s not difficult to find article vilifying video games. It seems like everywhere you look, you see articles talking about the dangers of gaming, from promoting a sedentary lifestyle, to stunting social growth, to straight-up video game addiction. Some sites might try to offer a more balanced view (ahem) when discussing addiction or the effect of violence in video games, but the focus is always on the problems, even if it only to try and disprove…

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