Daybreak, Trion, and Carbine: Handing off the future of MMOs

Bio Break

Last Thursday afternoon, Daybreak was set to reveal a new, never-before-seen game from its inner development sanctum. I don’t think we were holding great hope that it was going to be something more than a crappy battle royale knock-off, but still, it was like hearing the post-death whimper of a studio when crappy battle royale knock-off was announced.

I felt like it was extra confirmation of what we already knew: That Daybreak just isn’t ever going to produce or develop quality MMORPGs any longer. It already killed off H1Z1 Just Survive earlier this year, and the mass layoffs of a couple of weeks ago (the second such batch this year) didn’t exactly shout confidence from the rooftops.

I mean, we knew it. We’ve known it ever since they gave up on EverQuest Next without any plan to try again. And so what once was a studio that boasted up to…

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