Video games: stuck on repeat

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While thumbing my way through the news feed on my mobile during my commute one morning (which I’ve since stopped doing because I’m sick of reading about Fallout 76 and Red Dead Redemption all the time), I came across an article about the best-selling games of 2018. I thought I’d have a quick scan to see which titles had made the list and something struck me: almost every single entry was either a sequel or one featuring characters from an existing franchise.

Coincidentally, a few days later Chris from OverThinker Y tweeted a link to an article he’d contributed to Obilisk called Modern-Day Gaming: Are There No More Good Ideas? He wrote: “It’s tempting to ask, [looking at a best-selling video games list], whether there just aren’t any more good new ideas. Perhaps every decent spark of imagination has been used up, and we’ve got all the stories we’re going…

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