Coming back is sometimes easier


I’ve written before about some MMORPGs as being easy to return to because of time invested and how familiar the game systems and setting might be. This was certainly my experience dipping back into Star Wars the Old Republic this last week. I easily picked up playing my Shadow again, the rotation and ability use was mostly a matter of muscle memory.

I was more aware perhaps of the many sound and visual queues that I appreciate from the game: the dulcet tones of a nearby Gonk droid, the Hyperspace animation on my own ship and the familiar voices of commonly-used companions.

My friend the Gonk droid

One difference I have noticed is in default difficulty of new content. The story-mode instances and areas for current or last-but-one content is noticeably lower than in Lord of the Rings Online and Everquest 2 to name just two games. That might be…

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