From the DM’s Chair, Session 23: The Drunken Garrison Returns.


There is a level of expectation that comes with Dungeons and Dragons, as well as most hobbies in fact. If you do something regularly enough, there comes to a time when that feature is added into your schedule: Monday is D&D night, Wednesday is posting for the DM’s chair, etc. Scheduling, in itself, isn’t a bad thing, it’s nice to be organised and know what’s coming up in your life but it does add a hint of expectation that some people don’t consider. When Monday rolls round again, it’s D&D night. Even if you’re tired from work, lacking in inspiration and have nothing planned. Expectation means that you have to run, or play, D&D on the day of the week everyone can. For lots of online chats and message boards, I’ve seen people asking about how to get a group and how to start playing D&D but everyone is so…

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