What Syp played in 2018

Bio Break

One of the side benefits of posting my gaming goals every month is that it serves as an auxiliary memory so that I can easily go back and see what I played over the course of the year. I made a quick compilation of this in the form of a bullet-point list, putting main games in bold (ones that I played the most that month) and the rest in regular font.

Here’s what I played in 2018 (except for some other mobile games):

  • January: World of Warcraft, DDO, LOTRO, What Remains of Edith Finch, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Tacoma, Champions Online, Global Adventures, KOTOR 2
  • February: World of Warcraft, FFXIV, FFIX, LOTRO, DDO, Closers, KOTOR 2, Rimworld
  • March: World of Warcraft, RIFT, DDO, Project Gorgon, Shroud of the Avatar
  • April: World of Warcraft, RIFT, DDO, Secret World Legends, LOTRO, Project Gorgon, Star Trek Online
  • May: World of Warcraft, Star Trek Online, Secret World…

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Video Game Reviews Should Be Updated


Writing video game reviews is fun and a great creative outlet but the end requires scoring the game, which can be daunting. There is pressure to be objective here and subjective there, it should be based on your personal opinion overall though. Backlash from readers typically weighs on my mind because I want what I write to reflect exactly how I feel about the game. In order to keep that in mind, reviews of games should be updated over time.

A primary example of a game which needs to have a second look is No Man’s Sky. I have not played this title but the fact that it fell on its face upon release and was later given a revamp update, speaks for itself in requiring another review. From the Developers standpoint and the consumer, don’t you think it would need to be given a second chance? Of course if…

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Daybreak, Trion, and Carbine: Handing off the future of MMOs

Bio Break

Last Thursday afternoon, Daybreak was set to reveal a new, never-before-seen game from its inner development sanctum. I don’t think we were holding great hope that it was going to be something more than a crappy battle royale knock-off, but still, it was like hearing the post-death whimper of a studio when crappy battle royale knock-off was announced.

I felt like it was extra confirmation of what we already knew: That Daybreak just isn’t ever going to produce or develop quality MMORPGs any longer. It already killed off H1Z1 Just Survive earlier this year, and the mass layoffs of a couple of weeks ago (the second such batch this year) didn’t exactly shout confidence from the rooftops.

I mean, we knew it. We’ve known it ever since they gave up on EverQuest Next without any plan to try again. And so what once was a studio that boasted up to…

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9 years of maps!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In May the Dodecahedron will be a decade old… and that has me in “holy crap, flashbacks!” mode. So I thought I should pull up a self-indulgent look-and-see of how my cartography has changed over the last nine years.

I’m posting two maps from each year, one in June and one in December of that year, and focusing on dungeon maps primarily to keep the comparisons “fair”. That map at the top of 2009 was one of the very first I ever posted to the blog. It is painfully low-resolution and it turns out I can’t find the original anywhere, and don’t have any higher resolution scans of it around. I might even redraw it at some point.

Much of the end of 2009 and 2010 was spent on my “Geomorph Mapping Project” to draw at least 100 interlocking geomorphs. We closed out 2010 with Dyson’s Delve, my mini-mega-dungeon. In 2009…

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Buy to Play MMORPGs Are Making a Comeback


Buy to play MMORPGs are making a comeback on Steam. And not in the way you’re probably thinking. There’s been an odd trend lately for previously shut down MMOs to relaunch on Steam and slap a price tag on themselves. The most recent example I can think of is a game called Warlords Awakening which launched in late 2018 as a buy to play MMORPG. While the game claims its release date is 2018 on its Steam page, in reality, it’s the same exact game as ELOA which shut down multiple times in the past and is several years old. Nowhere on the game’s Steam page is this evident though. It’s almost as if the game’s developers are trying to hide the fact that Warlords Awakening is just a relaunch of a previously failed game. And not just a failed game, a game that’s failed multiple times already both in…

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Black Monolith from Another Sun (Level 1)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Vymrrysian scholars have long theorized as to the true nature of the Black Monolith, that totemic object which stabs out from the Infrared Octagonal Hills to the southeast like a knife. While some holdouts still cling to the notion that it was constructed by a long-since-exterminated civilization, most modern academics believe it to have originated from one of the many thousands of suns that dot the night sky. Many an aristocrat has sent scouting or raiding parties to the Monolith, bringing back a variety of alien gems, metals, and the like, assuming they were able to get past the structure’s formidable security measures.

– From the Ynemvelt Archives

Black Monolith From Another Sun - Level 1 Black Monolith From Another Sun – Level 1

The Zealous Geometers have claimed the Black Monolith as their own, but how can you resist the call of adventure and treasure?

The Black Monolith from Another Sun was originally drawn by…

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Listmas 2018: Games I Didn’t Get Around To


Merry Listmas everyone! As long as the year is, it’s still very easy to run its entire length and still miss out on playing at least a few of the games you’d planned on spending some time with. Just like with my last list, I wasn’t sure how to build this one at first. This was a weird year. I didn’t finish all that many games, but I got to try many more than usual. There are plenty of good games released in 2018 that I didn’t play, but I don’t think there was anything missed that I actually wanted to play. So, instead I’m looking at older titles I really wanted to get around to, but just couldn’t for one reason or another. So off we go!

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Raids week 101

Micki's Delirium

Last week Saturday I was ready to log early, but decided to wait a little and log on at 9 pm my time (3 pm EST). Tahlua and Blackzombie were on when I logged, so I invited them before posting the lfm. After the lfm went up with “R1/LE/LH depending on group” (for baba’s), the group filled in 10 minutes. Erofen sent a tell wanting to join, so we waited inside the raid while he was switching. Since we had both Titus and Stitchz in the group (tanks), I felt confident in R1. The plan was for them to dual-tank, since tanking only one shambler instead of two makes things easier for the tank. Once everyone was in we started. At first someone else had the hut, but soon it switched to me, and I spent the rest of the first baba fight pinned next to the barrier. As for…

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Top Ten Christmas Video Games Ever!


Christmas is the season of goodwill, peace on earth and giving – or so they tell us. In reality it’s a time to sit back, relax and cram in as many video games as possible instead of interacting with relatives you barely see all year. It gives us the opportunity to clear some of the backlog that has amassed over the summer months but also allows us to revisit some of our favourite gaming experiences. Over the years there have been many games released that are directly based on Christmas, have a Christmas theme running through them or simply remind us of this wonderful holiday season. So with the big fat man (not me this time) en route I thought it the perfect time to take a look at the Top Ten Christmas Video Games Ever!


10. Duke Nukem: Nuclear Winter


This 1997 spin-off had everyone’s favourite disgruntled wise-cracking hero…

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