Month: December 2018

The Gamer Crash Awards and a Small Update

Originally posted on Gamer Crash:
I don’t know about you but I find it hard to believe that we’re quickly approaching the end of the year. That means it’s also time for my annual Gamer Crash awards, where I spotlight some of my favorite games from the past year. The…

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Maidae eTR 12

Originally posted on Micki's Delirium:
Since I didn’t want to leave it til later, here are Maidae’s before eTR 12 and after eTR 12 pictures. As you probably notice, I didn’t change her much. Maidae reincarnated before midnight, so yesterday. Before                 …

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Guild activity fun

Originally posted on GamingSF:
On Monday my husband ran a guild activity in World of Warcraft: a kind of “Hide and Seek” across the zones of Kul Tiras. Each alt was logged off during the day in an out of the way location, we then had clues in guild chat…

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