Notable Trailers from The Game Awards

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The Game Awards have come and gone and while there weren’t any real surprises when it came to the awardees, there were a number of announcements that will keep people excited moving into the new year.

Here are a few that stood out:

Mortal Kombat 11

(Credit to Izuniy)

Hell yes! This was a bloody, brutal, and badass trailer that didn’t reveal anything in terms of actual gameplay, but at least Mortal Kombat is making a return. The sheer amount of graphic carnage being shown is not for the squeamish as both combatants are stabbed, electrocuted, immolated, and dismembered. Raiden and Scorpion can take some serious damage because it took a long while before either got put down for good. A worldwide gameplay premier will drop January 17, with a release date slated for April 23.

The Outer Worlds

(Credit to Izuniy)

A Sci-Fi open-world RPG from the original creators…

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Planning to Fail: An Alternate d20 System

Power Word Skill

Failure. We fear it. We hate when it happens to us. It drives us to do better, to be better, to learn from our mistakes. Aristotle was the first western thinker to analyze dramatic theory and defined tragedy and comedy, but core to both expressive modes of narrative is the idea of failure. In a tragedy a protagonist is brought low by the extent of their failures. In comedy we laugh as we experience the protagonist’s story as a series of errors, mishaps, and misunderstandings. Failure drives them both, what is different is a matter of tone and perspective. A character who always gets what they want and nothing bad ever happens to them is both boring and totally unrelatable to us as human beings. So why should our D&D heroes succeed ad nauseam or constantly roll 2’s all night?

I love D&D and the d20 system, but sometimes I…

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Old Cruik Hollow

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The limestone caves of Old Cruik Hollow are at the head of a box canyon and show the signs of decades of use by various groups over the ages. Stairs have been cut into the floor of the cave on the left leading into the upper caves. Sections of the caves have been closed off with wooden walls and doorways – and a small tomb was cut into the looping cave and then more recently converted into a storage space.

Old Cruik Hollow Old Cruik Hollow

These days the upper caves are home to a small group of bandits, exiles and outlaws from the nearby town. Their leader, Ola Zeldade, escaped town when they began growing scales as they are actually at least one quarter naga, and are in the midst of the slow transformation into a more naga-like form.

Old Cruik Hollow (no walls) Old Cruik Hollow (no walls)

The lower caves have two old statues of manifestations…

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Holiday gaming expectations


Work has gone a little crazy in the run up to Christmas, though at least I will be off for nearly two weeks. We’ll be spending the holidays with family as normal so actually I probably won’t have a huge amount of free time for online gaming. If anything it’s more likely we’ll get some Starfinder / Dungeons & Dragons sessions squeezed in in-between the various family get-togethers that are planned.

There’s also the imminent arrival of patch 8.1 in World of Warcraft next week, a content dump that will offer some kind of new quest-content weekly through this same period. I’ve not yet stepped foot in the current tier’s raid, so the big new item of the new raid isn’t aimed at me as a player.

Otherwise I plan on playing some more Lord of the Rings Online as well, but am well aware that time to play a…

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Hanging up the Fifth Edition Delves

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Amid a crush of deadlines and other work, I made some changes recently to reduce my stress levels. Among them was cancelling my Fifth Edition Delves line of adventures. While I enjoyed both titles released in the line, and had additional titles in progress at the time, the reality is that the line wasn’t making enough money for me to be able to assign it a dedicated project manager.

With my current schedule of commissioned cartography and my Patreon work, I can’t dedicate the time needed to growing a line like this – and the line isn’t profitable enough to pay someone else to handle it for me.

The line grossed a total of just under $2,500 since launch (almost evenly split between the two adventures – although Kiel did edge out Zzarchov ever so slightly), which is fine for a hobby product, but not sustainable mixed in with my…

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DDO: Screaming idol baby

Bio Break

I know he’s SUPPOSED to be intimidating, but this idol kind of looks like a baby throwing a tantrum if you take the horns coming out of his chin for arms and legs. Maybe it was an ancient god that would throw a fit until he got his own way, I don’t know.

Delara’s Tomb was up for our DDO group run last week, and it went rather smoothly save for one of our party members getting a face full of trap and dying instantly. It’s scary how fast your health can plummet in this game if you’re not careful.

Wait a minute, guys… what am I supposed to do in the fire? Stand in it?

Our group is slightly unconventional in that we don’t have any frontline fighters or tanks. We’re one Sorcerer, two Warlocks, one Artificer, one Rogue, and me, the Druid. So there’s a degree of squishy…

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From the DM’s Chair, Session 21: The Greater Good


Combat in D&D, such as boss battles at the climax of a dungeon, rarely evolve into anything more intellectually stimulating than rolling dice, hoping to hit an opponent harder and faster than they can hit you. As good as a DM’s descriptions can be, it’s sometimes hard to think of such combat situations as anything more than an extended slug-fest between fighters, which can be an underwhelming development for such a long term campaign. Despite this, there are little twists and tricks to the basic formula to make climactic combat more interesting.

Welcome to From the DM’s Chair, I’m Shadowonthewall and today, we’ll be talking about the twenty first session of my D&D campaign: Dorvine, and the lessons I’ve learned whilst running it. This week, we’ll be talking about some tips and tricks to make climactic combat more interesting as well as reviewing our own flaws as a DM. My…

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