Sign Of The Southern Cross

Return to House of Grouse

So this is a New Year and Black Sabbath always a great band to listen to so a reference to the southern stars would in this case refer to the first big City to celebrate New Year being Auckland, New Zealand.

So new year and a new start, I have epic and heroic reincarnated Grouseman the Kukri wielding completionist. Played as a ranger last life and for his first Epic Reincarnation taken fast healing as his past life stance. Thinking I will go back to ranger next racial reincarnation as I fancied playing as a fighter for a change.

So the heroic reincarnation was a racial one, so I have just started my third halfling past life. Thinking I will shift to either human or drow next. plenty of time to worry about that when I get there. However I will be doing another character’s rebirth.

Yep timed it so…

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