What Brought Aussircaex to Korthos Island?

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Just before the new year I was trying to make my way through the quest, Prey on the Hunter when I started to think about the great white dragon, Aussircaex.  Aussircaex is the same white dragon that you encounter at the end of Misery’s Peak on Korthos Island.  After you help liberate her from the mind flayer, Darastrix, she comes this valley to take care of her eggs.  That is all well and good but exactly brought Aussircaex to Korthos Island to begin with?

My initial thought is that she was originally planning on using the great mountain peak on Korthos Island, Misery’s Peak, as her nesting grounds.  The location does seem appropriate.  Misery’s Peak does seem to maintain the same type of habitat necessary for a white dragon and her brood.  We are talking about snowy conditions, pretty cold temperatures, and a variety of potential icy…

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