A Touch of Tzeentch at the Chasm

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Fate would not have us disturb that dragon, for the next day a missive arrived hot from Protector’s Enclave, written by Sgt. Know himself.

” Proceed to Protector’s Enclave with all possible haste. –Sgt. Knox ”

I passed the note off to Shav who immediately shrugged. “Tell him we want more pay.”

It was happening already.  The emergence as a reliable identity. Someone who serves a soldier who serves a commander who serves a king. These are deep waters, and a creature like me cannot not be too careful.

It was noon when Shav had our trip planned and routed. He lead the horse by its reign and I accepted the head nodding pace. It gave me time to think about how this dimension was put together. For example, I didn’t select the spells, they came through the elements and even through the ether of arcane energies. Furthermore, the speed…

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