‘The Wizard’: A 96 Minute Commercial for the Nintendo Power Glove



The movie biz was a strange place back in the 1980s. During that decade more than any other, Hollyweird tried adapting anything and everything into a movie if they thought it might make them a buck or two.

Never was this more apparent than in 1989, when Universal Pictures released beloved cult classic (and critical failure) The Wizard, a 96 minute glorified commercial for Nintendo’s ‘Power Glove’ add-on.

The Wizard Power Glove

The film itself was great (but also terrible). Directed by Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle) and starring perennial child of the ’80s Fred Savage and dial-a-hunk Christian Slater, the plot focused on a trio of friends who travel to California to enter a video games contest that one of them predictably goes on to dominate and master. Before any of this can happen though, they have to overcome the elite gaming snob Lucas Barton, who just so happens to…

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