My Most Anticipated Games of 2019

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It’s a new year, which means very little to me. But, the new year always creates this mental function that makes the events of the coming year feel even closer. As an avid video game player, it makes for an exciting year. With remakes of decades-old masterpieces, long-awaited sequels, and new approaches to old formulas, it’s sure to be an eventful year. In anticipation of what’s to come, I’ll take you through what I’m most excited for in 2019.

Kingdom Hearts III

kingdom hearts 3- 2

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Topping the list of my own most anticipated game of 2019 is the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III. It’s predecessor, Kingdom Hearts II, was released in 2005. The adventures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy have been an iconic staple of my childhood and one of the few games I willingly go back to play well into adulthood. There have been numerous other titles released in…

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