One Useful Enhancement-Rise of the Phoenix

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Playing a monk can be fun but it can also be extremely challenging.  I remember when I took Erdrique through a monk life and how different the game play was from what I was used too (primarily sword and board or two weapon fighting).  While the type of monk I was playing was still a melee character, using the hand to hand combat style was completely new to me.  Erdrique has now moved on to other classes but I still have a monk character, Lorrikk.  Lorrikk is currently level 14 and is a light monk who has primarily focused on the Shintao Prestige Enhancement line.  I choose this line because it fits my play style (or at least my philosophy) and because it offers a good amount of self healing abilities and a variety of interesting attacks.

Perhaps one of the most powerful and useful enhancements in this line is called…

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