Descent: The Chasm

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


That tavern was a wonderfully warm experience. Shav got his mulled wine by the fire, and later that night, a scarlet woman. I heard them make love in his room, albeit I do believe the redhead put too much accent on her own passions than Shav could. He grunted like a pig and was done with the act.

I was denied a feeding. What can I say? I expect the best in my targets, male or female. I won’t take anything less. I can be a turtle when I need to be. You know…the long walk to the next lake or pond? I have found over the years that it’s the agony that builds to the mind-numbing explosion when I take my repast.

We were at it early the next day, but I had to be very careful of the sun in such a state, so I slid my hood…

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