DDO: Say no to orbs!

Bio Break

When we formed up a start-from-scratch leveling group in Dungeons and Dragons Online, I was probably more enthusiastic about just jumping into it than was prudent. Namely, I didn’t give a lot of consideration and research into my build. I volunteered to be a healer, saw that Druids healed and summoned stuff, and that was that.

But now that we’ve had months of playing together, I’m coming to a deeper understanding of what this class is like. Even while it was a quick decision, I’m very satisfied with it. I get a huge spellbook and lots of handy healing spells at my disposal, and the perk of extra combat pets is a nice one. However, I only recently came to the realization that Druids come with a really crappy set of weapon proficiencies.

Again, it’s not something I would have considered, but in the months of playing and feeling a…

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