Fix-It DM: Witch Bolt (5e)

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d828roe-9745fd70-77c3-41a2-8dbc-ef4577cd59b4Picture Credit: chazillah

There are a few spells that seem weak and borderline horrible when cast in D&D. I decided to spend some time playing with adjustments options and to try to make them a little bit better.

The first spell I’m altering is Witch Bolt. From the description of the spell I tend to imagine a Iron Man-style laser beam that only works on creatures. It’s short range (30 ft) but as long as you don’t lose line of sight the damage continues if you maintain the spell at the beginning of your next turn.

The major issue that I most want to change is it’s damage dice, which by default is 1d12; well under the status quo for first level spells.

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