Tamer Creed Mind Flayer Psychic Warrior

electric RAIN

During a darkness gathering adventure the mind flayer mastermind, Shuluth, eventually gets tired of the PCs and sends in a mind-flayer strike team to kill off the PCs. The strike force teleports in after the last agent is killed (Johann, Enoch and Lucien).  The idea is this team teleports in before the party has recovered from the battle with the last boss. Sections marked in red are modifications I would make in retrospect.  Remember this team was fighting level 15 PCs, potentially 8 of them though it ended up being “only” 5 in this session. 

Sensor. Shuluth’s sensor appears seconds before the mind-flayers teleport in.  Characters who make a DC 25 Perception and/or Arcana check are not surprised.

Strike team

  • 1x Psion
  • 1x Witness per caster (see below).
  • 2x Psychic Warriors per 4 PCs.

Each PC must make a DC 15 Sanity check when they first see these creatures…

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