DM’s Notes: Session 4

Tabletop Tales

In our DM’s Notes posts, we take a break from the main story to discuss running the game. If you’re looking for the story, just click the links at the bottom of this post, or check the Archive!

So, Session 4 kicked off midway through a siege, which was exciting, though it took a bit of warming up to get the tension back up. I’ve been experimenting with using soundscapes and background music during our sessions to create atmosphere, so I put some ‘Epic Combat’ music from a Brian Davis Spotify playlist on low in the background as I set the scene.

Nighthill and the Castellan (who I forgot to introduce at all until this point, but it probably just seemed like he was busy?) told the party about a secret tunnel that they could use to get in and out of the Keep undetected. They also gave the party…

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