Top 10 D&D Movies

Mym's Well

It’s exciting to see that there is a growing world of options for dungeons and dragons (D&D) content. Thanks to services like Twitch, we have been able to follow along with many peoples games, right from their own table. A lot of TV shows are also creating stories with direct inspiration credited to D&D. It seems that movies have been difficult to capture the feel of the game. While there has been official D&D movies made, there were some mistakes made in their first attempt that disappointed the fan-base, and confused newcomers. There’s another D&D movie possibly being made in the near future, and I wonder if they will actually roll well on their performance and manage to pull something off.


For me, these 10 movies are my favourite movies to capture the feeling of D&D. I am sticking to just movies, so shows like Critical Role, Harmonquest, or…

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