What is the history of the Windlasher Gnolls?

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I have mentioned a number of times how much I like the Sands of Menechtarun.  I find the quests out there fun to do, the wilderness area fun to explore, and lore for the entire area extremely interesting.  I have written in the past about the various factions that an explorer can expect to encounter in this area and how I believe they might interact with other.  However, there are so many questions that are still left unanswered.  Primarily, questions about the culture and the history of how the area became settled are still unknown.

One of the things I’m curious about is the history of the Windlasher Gnolls.  I’m assuming that a scouting party of gnolls made their way to the Windlasher Canyon of Menechtarun.  My suspicion is that this happened after King Raiyum pretty much devastated his kingdom and raised himself to be a lich.  I’m guessing…

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