Heroes of Iyastera: Group Two Introductions

Scriv the Bard

Introducing the second half of the Heroes of Iyastera! While both adventuring parties began in the same village of Garran, they have already begun to explore different timelines and find a story all their own! You’ve met Group One, now here are the adventurers of Group Two!

Bernard, the Tiefling Sorcerer: One of the few party members to hail from Tashkil, Bernard’s home lies beyond the Imeian Mountains. He keeps his past largely a secret and was once a member of the Shabaka, a criminal network specializing in the trade of information and secrets. He has since left the organization to seek new opportunities in Moineir, where he was drawn to Runda and the rumors surrounding it, still drawn by the allure of secrets and new discoveries.

Kara, the Human Fighter: Orphaned at a young age, Kara grew up amongst other lost children in an orphanage in the southern coastal…

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