Dungeons and Dragons: Meet My Characters

Superior Realities

As tabletop role-playing continues to take over my life, I have of course rapidly built up a sizable stable of characters. I thought it might be interesting to do a rundown of them all, and what I enjoy about each one.

The official logo for Dungeons and Dragons, fifth editionMaigraith Numin:

Race: High Elf

Alignment: Neutral good

Classes: Paladin 5, cleric 1

Sub-classes: Oath of the Ancients, Life Domain

Backstory: In her youth, she was a warrior. She served as a mercenary, an adventurer, a hired bodyguard, and much more. At first, it was wanderlust that drove her. Then, she simply knew no other life.

The centuries of bloodshed wore her down. She came to hate her life of violence, and her role in it. In the end, she could take no more. She spurned the mercenary life, and swore an oath to use her skills only to defend and preserve life.

She follows no gods. She believes…

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