Taking a Brief Look at Good Intentions

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As I noted here, I recently ran the quest Good Intentions for the first time.  I found the quest to be fun and light hearted.  It maintained that classic feature of a gnome who meant to do something good but watched it go horribly awry.  I also liked that Good Intentions revisited the Saltire District of Stormreach.  The last time we visited the Saltire District was during the quest Missing where our adventurers discovered the beginning plots and horrible creations of Yaulthon.


Erd taking a look around in Good Intentions.

I also found the initial interactions with the various NPCs fun.  It was interesting to see a human summoning Malicia into the quest.  I also found it interesting to learn that Malicia might actually be from Mabar.  At least that is what we glimpse from the brief conversation you see that occurs as you approach the wizard…

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