Raids week 107

Micki's Delirium

The raids have gotten a lot of notice of late, especially with Titus talking about them and I a little bit. On Saturday a week ago when the lfm when up it felt like everyone hit the lfm at once, I had a whole list of people waiting to be accepted and in the end I had to decline a couple. Chemo sent me a tell a moment later about how fast we filled – I guess he had intended to join. The party was mostly regulars and a few occasional joiners – no first time party members. With Titus playing her tank I assumed we’d do Baba’s on at least elite, maybe reaper, so I asked for Titus’ opinion and R1 was chosen. I was still a bit overwhelmed about the interest in the raids – I needed a sec to collect my thoughts and make sure I replied…

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