From the DM’s Chair, Storm King’s Thunder Part 2: The Dripping Caves.


Your adventurers have finally claimed Nightstone and expelled the multitude (and I do mean multitude) of threats attempting to claim the small town as their own. However, most of the local inhabitants are still missing. One of the guards should readily be able to inform the player that they would have raced to the Dripping Caves for safety but, in true gaming fashion, are too busy holding down the wrecked fort to effectively investigate, leaving it to the party to investigate the Dripping Caves and discover what became of the people of Nightstone.

Welcome to From the DM’s Chair and today, we’ll be talking about the adventure module Storm King’s Thunder, both my experiences and the lessons learned whilst running it. This week, we’re going to be taking a look at the Dripping Caves segment from ‘A Great Upheaval’. My party of Nightstone liberators are as follows:

Luke is Imaraente ‘Immy’…

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