Patience with content you do not like


How much patience with content you don’t like in an MMORPG? I’ve a bit of a history of ignoring quests that I dislike. There’s a quest in Dungeons & Dragons Online that I only ever completed once because it was rather unheroic and went against the (RP self-imposed) religious beliefs of my Paladin main character. Likewise I’m more than happy to never do another ‘poop’ quest in any MMO ever again.

But what if the content here isn’t just the odd quest? Some zones are pretty dreary to play through, Lord of the Rings Online has issues with some zones that some players actively avoid. I’ve more a of a problem with Mordor personally but I can sympathise with the view that a zone can lessen your enjoyment of a particular game at least in the short-term. Having options to skip such content are great, but if your progress…

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