Syp’s Gaming Goals for February 2019

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January 2019 in review

  • The theme of this month was “Finally clicking with Elder Scrolls Online,” and I am so glad that happened. After a few aborted starts over the past year or so, I am now deep into the ESO groove with a great month of questing, partying, and leveling under my belt. I got my Warden to level 16, went through most of Morrowind’s content, enjoyed a few grouping experiences, and started to figure out the ins and outs of the game. Oh, and I got me a house.
  • My adventures on Lord of the Rings Online’s progression server continued as I took my level 50 Minstrel through the frozen north of Forochel. She’s just about done with the content in this quarter!
  • Our Dungeons and Dragons Online group leveled to 9 and tackled various quests including White Plume Mountain and House P missions.
  • I petered out…

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