The Fletcher (Ranger)


I love the concept of a Ranger that’s just out in the wilderness, living off the land. This survivalism should be reflected in the Ranger’s craftsmanship. Since most Rangers are ranged attackers, it makes sense that they should be able to craft their own projectiles. Even special projectiles that will help them in the variety of situations they may encounter in the wilderness. Meet the Fletcher:

Fletcher CoverClick for Free Full Preview via DM’s Guild

Design Notes

I must be a glutton for punishment. Every time I sit down to design a character option, I decide to tackle a concept that’s inextricably linked to some un- or half-developed system of the game (e.g. Psion).

Thankfully we’re in the realm of developed. While the crafting system in 5th Edition (5e) is notoriously sparse, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything provides guidance for the cost and time spent crafting an item:

Crafting an Item (XGE)

With the…

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