Strange Ruins at Karst Ford

Dyson's Dodecahedron

As you head north along the Brown Goblin river it cuts deeply into the badlands, making it very difficult to cross. Boat traffic becomes prohibitive also because of the speed and roughness of the river up north. Karst Ford marks the last point where a boat can travel upriver – a ford where the river has cut through the local dolomitic stone leaving a path of hard stone that pedestrians and careful horse riders can cross while the river runs swiftly through runnels underfoot.

Overlooking Karst Ford is an unusual ruined “palace”. One side has raised open stone structures that appear to be meant to serve as decorative “gardens” or similar, with the structure itself being some nonsensical series of halls and small rooms centred around a circular chamber that was maybe the base of a tower at one point.

Strange Ruins Strange Ruins

A few efforts have been made over the…

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