Welcome to Iyastera

Scriv the Bard

Welcome to the Realm of Iyastera.  These lands were once lush and prosperous, inundated with a natural magic that graced fields, forests, and seas with an abundance that sustained its people for generations.

150 years have passed since the end of The Severing, a war which wreaked havoc across the four kingdoms and ended not only with the deposition of the former royal families, but the consumption of much of the natural energy of the earth. Links to other realms were broken, and the gods themselves fell silent. Now, the realm is finally healing and enjoys a semblance of peace and cooperation while the magic slowly begins to replenish.

This is the introduction that I usually send my new players, to introduce them to the general themes of the realm of Iyastera. Once they begin formulating ideas for their PC and where they might be from, I work with them…

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