Adventures: not even their final form

Later Levels

Adventures: video games full of amazing stories, colourful characters and challenging puzzles (not to mention dialogue trees and pixel-hunting). The genre may have its flaws but it has also been one of the longest-running, giving birth to numerous classics from Zork to Grim Fandango and attracting a following of fans across the world.

For any regular Later Levels visitors, it’s obvious I’m one of them and love a good point-and-click. They’re the titles I’ve continuously returned to for almost 30 years now, ever since finding The Secret of Monkey Island as a young child and realising that fantastic worlds full of extraordinary tales could be told so well through pixels. Even for all their moon-logic and backtracking, there’s just something special and captivating that lies within the puzzles and at the heart of an adventure.

Not everybody agrees with me on this however. Early last month I came across an…

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