My Monster Manual – Aerial Servant & Anhkheg

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Recently there’s been a surge of attention to an old project of mine that brought me a weird mix of very positive and super negative responses when I started on it.

A few years back, Wayne of Wayne’s Books sent me a free set of classic AD&D books with decent guts but wrecked covers for me to work on for a project I had in mind – to add house rules, annotations, marginalia, and extra drawings to these old rule books.

But with things as busy as they are these days, the project fell by the wayside. If I ever complete even the first book (the Monster Manual), the plan is to then cut it apart, scan it, then rebind it with a custom cover before auctioning it off.

But until I am done that project, I figured I could scan the existing pages from the book and post up…

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