Bend It Like Link: Time Traveling in Games (Part 2 of probably 3)


Time travel, man… after we all had our collective minds blown last time with talk about rewinding time and why we couldn’t ever meet our past selves because our past selves didn’t meet our future selves, back when the past was the present.

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And here we are again, asking for more! We’ll be covering two types of time travel, one being the idea of the multiverse, and the other being a scenario in which we go back in time and influence events, but don’t meet our past selves. Hold on to your hourglasses and toot your ocarinas, because we are jumping into the multiverse.

The Beat Goes On, The Beat Goes On… (the Multiverse) – Zelda timeline

This is one of my favorite ones to think about, to be honest. The idea of the multiverse is that there are multiple universes, each with a separate but equally true reality. For…

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