Raids week 109

Micki's Delirium

Last week Saturday when I logged on to DDO, there were 29 people in EEraids channel – in comparison to 36 in titan channel. As people noticed me I got some tells and I saw people asking about the raids in channel. Titus had told me just a few minutes before I logged on that there were 8 Sokos who wanted to raid as well. I invited Tahlua to my party then hesitated. Sokos + me and Tahlua leaves 2 open spots and there were 29 people in channel! Of course I didn’t know how many actually wanted to raid, but I still felt we had a problem. I messaged Titus and we came to the conclusion that Titus would do a separate post from mine this time, so more people could join. I put an empty lfm up, and as soon as I did, the outstanding list started filling…

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