#LoveYourBacklog Week 2019

Later Levels

Backlog: just a small word but one which tends to send a shiver down most gamers’ spines. That sense of unease and discomfort experienced when looking at our pile of unplayed titles is a feeling we’re all too familiar with. Yet try as we might, we just can’t stop ourselves from adding entries to our library of games to be played and feeling oh-so-guilty about it.

But what if it didn’t need to be this way: what if our backlogs were something to be celebrated rather than a source of shame? This is the subject of a conversation I had with LightningEllen from Livid Lightning recently. A huge pile of games surely isn’t a cause for guilt; it’s a sign of just how much you enjoy your hobby and it means that there’s always a title at hand for whatever mood your in, ready to entertain for a few hours…

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