How to Fall In Love With a Video Game: 4 Simple Tips


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

Video games are a funny thing, aren’t they? Most readers here will have at least a passing relationship with them, and some will list video games among their top hobbies. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, along with my own relationship with video games, and I got to wondering, What’s so great about video games anyway?

They are a huge time investment, longer than movies and even some books, and even longer than a season of a television show, depending on the genre. They make you solve puzzles and problems for arbitrary reasons, and some games will make you do the same, or similar, actions over and over in order to progress. Why do it?

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Well, for those of you who have been around since the 12 Days of Blogmas, you’ll know that I tend toward just one answer to that question.


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