#LoveYourBacklog, Love Your Journey


This past week, Later Levels and Livid Lightning launched a #LoveYourBacklog campaign, dedicated to the games growing dusty on shelves and waiting patiently on Steam profiles that were picked up because it was a game we were definitely going to play in the near future.

But as most gamers will know, “near future” goes from days, to weeks, and often beyond, creating a monster that consumes our shelves, our wallets, and our time…

Or does it?

Maybe a backlog, as Kim of Later Levels put it, simply means that you’ll always have good games to play. After talking about how to fall in love with games, it seems fitting to also show a little love to my ever-expanding backlog.

To be honest, my backlog used to include a bunch of games that I didn’t own and just wanted to play “some day,” but I’ve trimmed that list down significantly…

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