Time, Tim, and Manipulation: Time Travel in Games (part 3 of 3)


Welcome to the future! We’ve explored the past, the present, free will, and how all of these crash into each other spectacularly when one begins to fiddle with the flow of time. From our first look at time travel with doing over our actions and meeting our past selves, to our second pass and delving into the multiverse and how a future (or alternate-universe-you) could influence the past without making direct contact, I’m surprised we’re all still here and not living in a Salvatore Dali painting.

Image result for salvador dali clocks “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvatore Dali (1931)

But now we’ve landed back in the present, and it’s time for some Tim. That’s right. We’re taking a look at Braid all of the ways it bends time, and how it relates to the possibilities of “real” time travel.

Okay, so… obviously there are going to be unmarked spoilers for Braid. Proceed with at…

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