Playing what’s already there


Reading a thread on Reddit about public transport in MMORPGs, I was close to posting “just go play what’s already there!”. In any discussion where players start waxing lyrical about the lack of new open world MMORPGs, the dominance of queued content or the linearity of content or similar, I am tempted to just tell people to go back and play all the older-style games that are still there and still perfectly playable.

With anniversaries coming up I’ve been reading more than usual about both Everquest games. The linked Reddit thread has several very fond (or rose-tinted) posts about Everquest 1’s boat journeys and the equivalent in Final Fantasy XI. These two venerable MMOs are still alive, FFXI is on maintenance mode but Eq1 still receives regular content (at time of writing). Maybe some of the posters of these comments have played these particular games to death back in…

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