Raids week 111

Micki's Delirium

Two Saturdays in a row the interest for the Sat raids were was so high that I got overwhelmed and struggled to make a decision. Due to this, last week Saturday I had decided to first invite my guildies, then people from EEraids channel. Since people were changing characters I decided to post an empty lfm with “some spots reserved”. As soon as I did this I got three tells asking me what we’re running and before I had a chance to answer, the same people hit the lfm. Since things were a bit calmer than last week I actually managed to make sure my guildies and Sokos had a spot before filling the raid, and only one person of the applicants didn’t get a spot.

Titus was there to tank for us so we decided to do Baba R1. I was hesitant due to the lack of casters and…

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