DDO: Dusting off lowbie quests

Bio Break

The primary goal of my solo Dungeons and Dragons Online character — my Gnome Artificer — was always to see every quest in the game at least once. I think I’ve been pretty good about pursuing that goal, although so far I’ve been going area by area rather than tracking down quests by level via the Adventure Compendium. I’m trying to rectify a few oversights and get every quest done from level 1 through 12 (my current level), so I’m going back to start at the very bottom of my missed-missions list.

And that means a trip back to Korthos Island for Necromancer’s Doom, which I had overlooked somehow at level 1. It’s a forgettable quick dungeon romp, even on Elite, aside from some frozen corpses that turn into zombies if broken out of their icy tomb. I would think they’d be grateful that I freed them, but nope!

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