Changing gaming tastes (or not)


A few bloggers have been discussing changes in online gaming tastes in the broadest generalised sense (e.g. Bhagpuss, Endgame Viable). If developers follow such trends in terms of the games they create, then apparently we’ve become more casual or less focused on ‘being good’ at games. Gone are the early console era games that actively punished players for daring to try to complete them, restarting at the start every time with no saved game for instance being common once upon a time. Even within the MMORPG genre games are less punishing nowadays, death penalties are generally minor compared to the corpse runs and high repair costs of old.

Death is not such a bad thing

While some bloggers may feel their own tastes have followed this trend, or even gone against it, I personally feel like my tastes haven’t changed much. It may well be that the genre…

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