Quellport and the Isle of Seven Bees

Dyson's Dodecahedron

A small settlement in the Thendrake Archipelago, Quellport sits on an unusual lagoon in a cluster of islands. Except for the Isle of Seven Bees (the elongated forested island to the upper left of the map), all the smaller islands are generally just referred to as Quellport or the Quell Islands.

Quellport & the Isle of Seven Bees Quellport & the Isle of Seven Bees

There are a total of four settlements on the Quell Islands as well as a number of towers and smaller edifices –

  • Quellport itself is essentially in the centre of the map sitting on the gentle waters of the lagoon. With a population of about 1,400, Quellport has grown beyond being a fishing and farming community and supports several churches, guilds, and a “tower of arcane knowledge” where a number of wizards and a few clerics who make excursions out to the cube for research or spiritual reasons.
  • Quiet Cove on the…

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