Death penalties in MMOs


The recent discussion around changing gaming tastes among MMORPG gamers has segued into some interesting related topics. I read since Roger’s post and Bhagpuss’ post about Death penalties. Relating to my own thoughts on gaming tastes and that I feel I was always casual and never wanted a “walking up the mountain backwards barefoot in the snow” level of difficulty or inconvenience while gaming. I suspect had I ever played Everquest, Asheron’s Call or any other game with real “corpse runs” I would have quit such a game pretty early on.

Back in the day you ran backwards

As Bhagpuss examines in the linked post above, Everquest had some brutal death penalties. Your corpse contained your items, so you’d be running nearly naked back to your corpse from your bind point to retrieve all that equipment. I shudder to imagine this, as discussed in the post this kind of harsh…

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