DDO: Assault on Splinterskull

Bio Break

Let me tell you, getting back into the solo scene in DDO has given my gaming time great purpose this month, especially as I wait upon LOTRO’s next progression server unlock. I love how the MMO up and gives you a full list of all of the missions in the game — and tracks which ones you’ve completed (on which difficulty level) and which ones you have yet to do. For a quest completionist, it’s a beautiful tool.

Next up on my effort to make sure I’ve done all of the low-level quests, I saw that I had completely overlooked the ten (!) mission chain in Tangleroot Gorge. Probably the biggest problem I had was getting there, as DDO doesn’t do much in the way of facilitating fast travel between areas. So from the Harbor to the Marketplace to House P to Tangleroot Gorge to a long roundabout path that…

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