10 DM tips I would tell my younger self

Power Word Skill


Nobody has any idea what they’re doing in the beginning.


New Players won’t know or care if you’re good or bad so stop judging yourself so harshly.


The Rulebooks are not infallible sacred scripture. They’re more like well thought out guidelines you can always choose to ignore.


Be 100% ready to throw out your precious idea when a player freely gives you a better one.


You aren’t under any sort of obligation to play with any person. If they’re ruining your fun talk to them about it. If differences are irreconcilable then for the love of the gods walk away from any toxic relationships.


Don’t save your best ideas for next session. There may not be a next session. Use everything you got every time you can and leave the table with as little regrets as possible.


You can steal ideas from anything…

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