Roleplay vs Battle, Why Choose?: A Couple of New D&D Streams


cc3e5096e7b0502f4645aa273f779cbb Max Dunbar @max_dunbar

Critical Role is easily the most popular Dungeons & Dragons stream. The cohort have developed a stunning rapport with each other creating moving characters pushing each other towards delirious fun and high drama. Having grown up at Geek & Sundry, Critical Role now has its own channel, stream, & site where it is crafting excellent content for gamers of all kinds. Critical Role weds dynamic performance with serious gameplay making it the top D&D stream.

But there has to be more out there, right? Critical Role can’t be the only stream able to do this? Well, the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘pretty much.’ Two assents that oddly raise and dowse hopes. There are a lot of gaming streams, but most don’t seem able to engage an audience outside of the most devoted gamers and even then the streams are usually just a bastion of inside jokes no…

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