The Anniversary Event 2019

Micki's Delirium

Last Sunday after doing my raids blog, I spent some time farming the anniversary dungeon on Cerge, most of the time with 2 or 3 piker accounts with me. I picked Cerge since I figured he’d be able to kill the optional bosses the quickest. I will do another run later to get a recording, but here are some screenshots from my runs. The screenshots are in room order, but not in run order. I was running at CR34 since I was told that +4 levels over your own would award you the same amount of party favors as +5. Yesterday I learned that Lichabel is bugged (from Cordovan during the live stream) and does not actually add to your party favors and can therefor be skipped.

I always started with Steelstar. He and his dog were rather easy for me.

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  1. To really document the 13th anniversary it would be a lot more angry customers on social media wondering how it is even humanly possible to mess up maintenance this bad.


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